Effective Regression Testing

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Regression testing usually does not get the necessary attention from top-level management. In fact, regression testing might even come across as an expensive tantrum of testers – and when the budgets are tight, it faces the maximum possibility of a blow. This is where enterprises need to tread carefully. Re-performing tests on already tested features is often viewed as paranoia by the management. But, this is what will ensure delivery of valuable software to the users. Think of it as a double check before the final release. Regression testing prevents the application from blowing up on your face.

The need for Regression Testing

The complexities and sheer size of the codes written for an application make it practically impossible to determine the impact of even a minor update or bug-fix. This is where regression testing comes into play. By analyzing core functionality and performance, it makes sure that any updates do not throw the application off the edge. It also makes sure that all the interdependencies in the code work seamlessly.


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